Digital Siege, Why Young Entrepreneurs Are Winning

I am happy to say that my book is finally out.  Now I understand the saying “great novels and paintings are never finished, just abandoned!”    The feedback I have gotten on these successful stories of entrepreneurs is super.  It appears more appealing to young entrepreneurs than established executives even though my original idea was to help executives adapt to the new world.

This reminds me of Albert Einstein’s comment,

 “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

The older corporate executives who have grown up with hierarchical organization models and before the Internet should not be judged by their inability to see the power of the Internet and its information and distributed business models.  They will be replaced over time like those executives whose business approach was cast during the Great Depression.  Learning to climb a tree may not be the right expectation for seasoned executives, given their tremendous knowledge and experience built over years.  This doesn’t mean they won’t be replaced.  It just means they deserve an honorable exit.

Many thanks to John Reed for writing the Foreword and Bill Schrader for writing the Introduction.  Two special people in my life, mentoring my executive and entrepreneurial periods respectively.  The book could not have been written without their influence and effect on me.  Both are two of the smartest, most creative minds I have met in many years and many countries.

I am increasingly impressed with the young entrepreneurs I interact with and how they deal with becoming a CEO, not by choice, but by the fact of being a founder, a technical wizard, a young person with a great dream.  This will be the subject of my next book as it is an equally important and unique circumstance of our times.  “CEO from Birth. The Entrepreneur’s Challenge.” (Working title)



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